Crossed eyes and lazy eye are two most common eye problems among youngsters. They affect up to 5% of children at the age of 4 to 14 years, giving close to 100 million children worldwide, according to recent United Nations’ report.

Vision disorders of childhood may continue to affect health and well-being throughout the adult years leading to future low self-esteem, depression, and other disabilities. Although, crossed eyes and lazy eye problems are entirely curable with proper treatment. The treatment of lazy eye is most successful when initiated before the age of 7 years. Therefore, the early detection is crucial. Untreated, or treated too late, amblyopia can lead to permanent vision loss in one or both eyes.

RemmedVR is addressing patient’s need for an effective and inexpensive solution for home treatment of eye problems. By using virtual reality (VR), our solution makes vision therapy more enjoyable for patients and at the same time to provide doctors with a technology that makes vision therapy scientifically proven in an objective way.


Our disruptive solution consists of 3 main elements:

  1. Unique certified VR goggles with pre-installed training app.
  2. Tablet for a doctor with access to Control Panel.
  3. RemmedVR software, certified as Class I Medical Device (CE I) and including:
    • Training app with integrated game-like exercises for home use.
    • Control Web Panel for doctors to monitor progress and effectiveness of the therapy remotely.
    • Parental Control Panel for safety reason during home-based treatment.

We are aware that vision therapy will be fully effective and completely safe, only if conducted by professionals. That is why RemmedVR technology is available for young patients only through doctor’s offices.