Doctor supervised, VR based vision therapy for home use.

Help up to 4 times more patients. Get treatment results 2 times faster.

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Doctor prescribed, remotely supervised VR vision therapy
Up to 4 times more patients served / increased margin on remote vision therapy
VR exercises adjustable to patient’s condition / web panel for remote treatment tracking

Medical advisors

I would not trust treatment that I do not have a full control of. In this case it is my decision which exercises I prescribe to patients and what is more I am able to adjust them to the particular condition my patient has.
Prof Marek Prost
Pediatric Ophthomologist, Eye Surgeon, Owner of pediatric optometry clinic
This technology is great! It will allow us to get full access to patients training duration, exercises done and progress made in real time completely remotely! It offers all the insights of stationary therapy and saves a lot of time on assisting the treatment.
Dr Ewa Oleszczyńska
Pediatric Optometrist, Specialist in strabismus treatment
How it works?

A virtual reality solution for a remote vision therapy

RemmedVR uses mobile VR technology
We designed dedicated VR goggles and apps that enable patients to do vision therapy remotely at home. Thanks to our innovative solution you will be able to help much more patients.
Web Panel.
By using our web panel, Doctors will be able to adjust exercises to patient’s particular condition and track the whole treatment process completely remotely. You can also send feedback to patients and notifications for next visits.
VR Exercises
Enjoying VR exercises instead of patching? With us it’s possible. Apps are specially designed for kids and adults to treat amblyopia and strabismus. Bring medicine of future to your clinic!
Why we do this?


If not treated (lazy eye and crossed eyes), can lead to speech impairments, learning problems, inability to do sports or even dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and depression. Just think about all the social problems we could solve by making vision therapy more accessible to patients thanks to remote solution.
Piotr Krukowski
CEO RemmedVR
My brother was considered naughty and by some people even rude. He was throwing things from the table, running into people and getting easily irritated. When we found he had lack of stereoscopic vision we decided for a vision therapy. It took us 2yrs, 2x a week, 3hrs each time to get it fixed. If only was a remote vision therapy available at that time, we could have had the effects in no time and save a lot of time and money on commuting.
Maciej Szurek
CMO RemmedVR


This is something my kid was waiting for! Fun to use, game like exercises that make dull therapy enjoyable. Can’t wait to give it a try!.
We live very far from optometry clinic, so we are not able to go for a vision therapy. I am not keen on new technologies, but if medical tests prove that this kind of therapy is save and effective we will definitely use it.
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RemmedVR Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany przez Polską Agencję Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego pt.:„Nowatorska usługa telemedyczna – zdalnie nadzorowana przez lekarza terapia wzroku, oparta na wirtualnej rzeczywistości, przeznaczona do użytku domowego.”Celem projektu jest przygotowanie studium wykonalności dla opracowania i wdrożenia na rynek UE i USA nowatorskiej, zalecanej przez lekarza, nadzorowanej zdalnie terapii wzroku, opartej na wirtualnej rzeczywistości, przeznaczonej do użytku domowego – REMMEDVR, która może mieć duży wpływ na zdrowie pacjenta poprzez interesujące, przystępne i skuteczne leczenie. Dążymy do opracowania i komercjalizacji REMMEDVR – nadzorowanej przez lekarza domowej terapii dla dzieci mających problemy z leniwym okiem (amblyopia) i / lub zezem (strabismus), z wykorzystaniem technologii mobilnej VR. Wartość projektu: 300 000 złDofinansowanie projektu z UE: 210 000 zł